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    A few extra pointers

    All about PR

    One of the most demanding PR challenges in the business, with all the regulatory and ethical issues surrounding it, is healthcare PR. So why do pharmaceutical companies hire healthcare PR consultancies? It’s certainly a different discipline to advertising or marketing but, if used correctly, can make a massive impact and transform businesses. Most of the big pharmaceutical companies have their own internal communications departments but external PR agencies provide a wider range of media contacts, more people to do the job, and objectivity, and that’s why pharmaceutical companies hire them.

    One of the principles of PR is about changing perceptions and attitudes over time. A good example of such a campaign is the Central Office of Information (COI) campaign to change public attitudes to drink-driving. The campaign produced some powerful advertising campaigns in the 1970s and 1980s and even today there are some excellent TV ads which undoubtedly have had a massive impact on people’s mindsets.

    But the real change in public attitudes was the result of a long and sustained PR campaign that influenced key opinion formers, until eventually the tide of public opinion turned, and drink-driving became taboo.

    For more information please download the below guide.

    Public Relations (doc)