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    The sorry tale of Pepsi 2010 - $$$ proof that social media advertising doesn’t work on it’s own

    Many clients are deserting the tried and trusted advertising media such as television, BTL, and print in favor of advertising their wares using social media sites. You can sort-of understand their thinking can't you? People go online all the time on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to discuss all sorts of things, and what a great idea to get them to discuss the clients' products with their friends and acquaintances ... or is it? It's potentially a cheaper way of advertising because the agency costs are almost totally stripped down to the bone - maybe a couple of websites to pay for, some PR spend and potentially CRM expenditure but no horrible films to shoot, flyers to pay for, no media spend at all, and definitely no celebrity endorsements. Sounds just great and Pepsi obviously thought so too. Read about what really happened click here.